Deck the halls with boughs of holly

Mom; Not saying that getting comments from you isn't fun and lovely and lightens up my day, not at all.. It would just be kind of fun to get some from less obvious people. It's kind of like when you haven't checked your cellphone for the entire day, and you pick it up and you got five texts and two missed phone calls, and you think "wow, I do actually have friends" (don't take this too seriously, mom), and then you realize they were all your mom. And I was actually thinking that it might have been mushroom, but I don't think so because the texture was somewhere in between mushroom and pear/green apple.

Been spending most of the time since I came home from school trying to memorize the new script I got yesterday in drama. It's two girls, Bree and Katleigh (I'm Katleigh and my friend Nicole is Bree). I'll write down the whole script for you in the next post. I'm trying to get into character too, it's quite hard even though I feel like I got the easier of the two parts because Katleigh is more.. insane than Bree. I feel like the weirder, the easier to connect with. Not saying that I'm insane (not saying that I'm not), but it's easier to give life to a character that's more charasteristic (?).

Also been watching videos on youtube with random actors talking about characters they've played. It's given some kind of inspiration. Mostly Helena Bonham Carter of course. Some Anne Hathaway as well.

Some ten year old boys performing at the Indian festival thing I went to a few weeks ago. They were absolutely brilliant!! Filmed some of it, will post it as soon as I figure out how to.

Peter and Sheila at Starbucks


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