Alejandro, Alejandro. Ale-Ale-Alejandro, Ale-Ale-Alejanderoo.

First names of some of my Canadian friends! (Just because I'm obsessed with making name lists.) And where they're from, it's kind of fun. Plus I'm bored to death. They have some pretty awesome names!


Alva (Asian)
Alysha (Canadian)
Amanda (Half Asian, half Canadian)
Angie (Ecuadorian)
Ariana (Croatian)
Ashley (Canadian)
Bri (Canadian)
Brittnee (Canadian)
Brynn (Canadian)
Candace (Canadian)
Cassy (Canadian)
Catey (Canadian, Cassy's twin sister)
Chelsea (Canadian)
Cheryll (Asian)
Courtney (Canadian)
Deanna (Asian)
Farishteh (Something Turkish-like)
Gabriela (British)
Hailey (Canadian)
Hannah (German)
Hayley (Canadian)
Jacqueline (Canadian)
Jenna (French Canadian)
Jenny (South African)
Joanna (Croatian)
Joy (Asian)
Katrina (Half Swedish, half Canadian)
Kayla (First nation Canadian)
Kenzie (Canadian)
Keziah (Part first nation Canadian, part Canadian)
Lauren (Canadian)
Lillian (Quarter Norwegian, quarter Irish, half Pakistanian)
Lily (Asian)
Lisa (Canadian)
Madison (Part New Zealander, rest Canadian)
Mana (Asian)
Mikayla (Canadian who thinks she's Asian)
Mikayla (Canadian who thinks she's British)
Naomi (Asian)
Samantha (Asian)
Sandra (Croatian)
Secil (Turkish)
Sheena (Canadian)
Sheila (Scottish, French)
Sienna (Canadian)
Simona (Lithuanian, American)
Sorcha (Canadian, Allegra's sister)
Tanaaz (Croatian, Farishteh's sister)
Taylor (First nation Canadian)
Thalia (Canadian)


Alex (British)
Benjamin (Canadian)
Colin (Canadian)
Duncan (Canadian, Kenzie's brother)
Edward (Asian)
Edward (Asian)
Evan (Asian)
Glenn (Canadian)
Jason (Asian)
Jaylem (Afroamerican)
Jeff (Canadian. He has cousins who emigrated to Sweden. Pretty cool. They live in Umeå.)
Jesse (Half Asian, half Canadian, Amanda's twin brother)
Jordan (Half Asian, half Canadian)
Josh (Canadian)
Kyle (Canadian)
Peter (Korean)
Sheldon (Canadian. He has the coolest last name ever; Sargent Clark.)
Suekuen (Asian)
Tanner (Canadian)
Tyler (Canadian)


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