Mamma; Ja, det misstänker jag också. Ken satt kvar i bilen. Nej, men det var för att den där radioaktiva bomben var så tänkte jag att den här är det säkert också lärarna som fejkar. Men det var det inte. Läraren på zombiebilden? Jag vet inte, jag har inte han i nåt ämne. Tror han är mattelärare eller nåt.

No one even mentioned the bomb threat at school today. If this were Sweden, it'd be the biggest topic of the year. But apparently, this happens at least once a year in this school. It happened twice last year, one of them at the exact same day (December 13th) as this one. The reason to all bomb threats that have been in this school, is that some student has a test he or she doesn't want to take. So they call the school with a bomb threat. Idiots. As far as I know, they don't know which student did it yet, but last year they found out by asking every teacher who wasn't in their class at the time (12:25) and from the fingerprints on the pay phone.

Today it is a week left of Canada. I so wish I could bring my school home with me! That'd be perfect.

My friend Joy wrote on my facebook today that she loves my singing! Hihihihihi. Joy's an amazing singer, she's definitely the best girl singer in the class (best boy singer is Scott, but he doesn't really count because he has been taking opera classes for four years, which is a bit unfair I must say).

Christmas countdown: 9 days!

Thailand countdown: 8 days!

Lillian & me in the vocal tech room


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