They float in through your ears and make your brain go fuzzy

Carole: VADÅ MÖGELOST?! Kanske lite. Egentligen stavas det Maírèad, är det bättre eller är det fortfarande lite mögelost-stuk? Bättre än Viggo i alla fall!

Mamma: Jaaa, jag vill till Thailand :D

So today was just a day. Wake up, school, go home. Basically. Oh no, wait! I went to the Scandinavian centre for the last time today. Apparently, the last adult class was last week, and I skipped that one to go hang out at Candace's, but at least I got to glue pieces of paper on to other pieces of paper for the kids, and make my fourhundredth Christmas cracker, and sing "tipp tapp tipp tapp tippetippetipp tapp, tipp, tipp, tapp". We got to watch Sune as well, I forgot how hilarious those movies actually are! I love old movies for kids, because they always seem to call each other "skitstövel" in them. Those are real movies for kids, in comparison to bloody Hannah Montana (although Jackson and Rico are hilarious, but still).

My bed looks sooooo comfortable right now and my book is sooooo good (still The Other Boleyn Girl, sure, just rub it in my face, why don't you). See ya'll tomorrow!

THAILAND COUNTDOWN: 14 DAYS TO GO! (Correct me if I'm wrong, which is most likely)


Postat av: LJ

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2010-12-10 @ 19:24:47

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