it's way out there but i don't care 'cause this is what i wanna wear

So today we went downtown just to get a little familiar I guess and to go see Chinatown. We also saw the torch that was used during the Olympics. Chinatown and the Chinese garden that we visited were pretty awesome. Never seen anything like Chinatown before.

Right now, Anders and Connor are playing videogames right outside my room screaming at each other, while Helene is right in the middle pretending that she actually finds it all interesting. Lena's watching America's Funniest Homevideos, mom's reading something and I'm just strolling around the house doing nothing. Peter and Theresa went out for dinner, it's their anniversary today so.

Anders and Peter in this awesome park that we went to yesterday

Postat av: Nora Fazel

Ååehehhe, du hare najs! Jag kommer om sagt och hälsar på, SEE YA SOON VA!

2010-08-22 @ 14:27:58

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