Madeleine de la Tour d'Auvergne

Oh my Gooood, I'm finally done cleaning out my school folder! It took me five hours! Jeeeez! Didn't throw anything away, just moved all the texts from the folder to the notebooks and stuff.

I don't wanna go home from Canada yet!! What am I going to do without my friends?! I just realized I have some of my best friends here. What am I gonna do without Sheena, Lillian, Jenna, Courtney, Peter, Sheila, Candace, Maddie, Lisa, Cassy, Hannah and Jenny? What?! And the school!!!! What am I going to do in my old school when I've been to Port Moody and had drama with mr Watts and vocal tech with mrs Sluyter and law with mr Krahn and choir with mrs Sluyter and dance with ms Yorston (and Spanish with mr Kent but I could live without that)! What am I going to do in freaking Mediagymnasiet?! Only three weeks left and I am losing it. At least Candace is taking me downtown this weekend to show me all the touristy stuff. Might go to Buntzen Lake this weekend with Lillian as well, otherwise we're doing that the weekend after this one. Shall ask Candace if she wants to go up to Grouse Mountain as well, she said at Senior Sail that she wanted to bring me there. Darlene was talking about some Christmas parade downtown as well, going to google that. Darlene's brother is also famous here for the Christmas decorations he puts on his house, the tourtist buses actually stop outside his house, so she's going to take me and Helen there.

AND TO SPEAK SWEDISH ALL THE TIME! That's gonna be soooo lame. Shoot me.

Anyways. Today was a really good day. Had choir first thing in the morning, where I was the German person again. After that I had vocal tech, and I performed my Lucia song (Så mörk är natten). It went really good actually. Gaby said that she really liked my projection and that my tone was really clear. Simona said that she's so fascinated by Swedish. Spanish class after that, where I did my oral presentation with a guy named Jacob. It went really well, I got 18 out of 20 which means there was only one glitch. Me and Jacob were supposed to have a three minute long spontaneous (that means we didn't get to prepare it) conversation about a surprise party in Spanish, and I only have one glitch, and that was that I said fiesta sorpresa instead of fiesta de sorpresa. That was better than anyone in the class, just saying...

Hung out in the film room as usual with Cassy, Catey, Peter, Taylor, Sheila and Candace during lunch. Law after that, don't really remember what we did in class, just remember laughing at Jeff and Cassy. It was fun. Drama after that in which we had a sub teacher called mr Draydale I think. We got a new assignment, we were divided up in groups (I'm with Hannah, Angie and Peter) and each group got to choose a type of historical theatre to base a project upon. We originally chose Renaissance theatre, but I managed to convince the rest of the group to choose Medieval European theatre instead. Sounds so much more fun.

Dance after that during which Alva, Lindsay and Tessa held a bellydance workshop! It was really fun, and I actually did pretty well! It was not like last time when the guys in the class did a workshop in breakdancing, I failed pretty brutally. On Wednesday and Friday, there's going to be a professional bellydancer teaching us bellydancing and salsa I think it was. It's gonna be so much fun!!

Once upon a time (like a month ago or so), there was a Sound of Music performance in Brentwood Mall. I videotaped it, just need to figure out how to post videos on here because I have quite a lot to show you.

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Bettan bellydancer...och vad kul att du fick bra poäng i spanskan!

2010-11-30 @ 20:22:01

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