Keep talking about that ball of light touching your heart, and she'll come around

Hola! Just got home (a few hours ago) from the movie theatre. At five o'clock, Candace and her mom picked me up outside the house, and we went to the Schmunk house and had tacos for dinner and looked in Candace's old year books. Can't wait 'til I get mine from PMS (yeah, that's my school)! After that, we went to the movie theatre and watched....... drum roll......... HARRY POTTER!! It was soooo good. Maybe even better than the first time I saw it.

Tomorrow's choir, dance and Spanish oral presentation about surprise parties! Håll i hatten om livet är dig kärt!



It is today the 28th of November, which means.. I only have one month left as a sixteenyearold! Buhuuu! :'(    It also means.. it's my birthday in just a month! Whoop whoop :D


Beckie has left the garage

There was a while ago a flashmob in Metrotown


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