We'll have lots of fun with mister Snowman until the other kiddies knock him down

Buenas noches! Had a fun day at the church (youth group) with Lisa, Jenny and a bunch of other people. There was a competition, we paired up two and two, I was with Lisa, and they tied Lisa's right arm together with my left arm. And then we were to build a gingerbreadhouse, using our free hands only. The gingerbreadhouse wasn't a gingerbreadhouse however - it was a Waferhouse (rån)! Lisa used up a whole bag of icing on that extremely small house, and I put a whole bag full of candy wherever there was a small space missing. It was not very beautiful, but we were lucky because we realized when we were done, that the way that I had poured the small candies on top of the "roof", it had formed itself into an actually roof-looking roof! So we won! Hahahaha. We got to choose our own prize, either a bag of candy each or a bubble wand each! Not just any bubble wand though - the ones that make supergigantic bubbles! I've wanted to do that my whole life, and now I finally did! It was real fun. Me Lisa, Jenny and Alissa went outside after the youth group and blew bubbles all over the place.

Anyways, tomorrow's the Luciatrain at the Scandinavian Centre, I have to be there at eleven so have to get up at eight. I only have one thing to say about that.. goodnight!

Pictures from tonight's youth group

Jenny & Lisa

Jenny & Lisa again

Me, Lisa and our beautiful Wafer house "The Clump"! Everyone was supposed to name their house, so we named our winning masterpiece The Clump.

Lisa punching the piñata with Maddie's dad holding on to it wearing a wonderful table cloth around his head!

Jenny punching the piñata! Unfortunately, it broke before I had a go :(

Jenny outside blowing bubbles!


Captain Beckie Sparrow with her bubble wand!


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