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HJÄLP! En till mänska som inte är min mamma eller moster Carole (så vitt jag vet) har kommenterat! Gaaah! Vart kommer dem ifrån?! Nu har LJ kommenterat. Cheesus. Ja, LJ, Harry Potter var sjuuuuuuukt bra!!!! Kommer dö innan tvåan kommer, shiiiit vad långt det är kvar.

So yeah, anyways. This day kind of sucked complete horseshit. Got tricked by this "ooohh Swedish girl"-dude, he went totally mad when I said I'm from Sweden. I was looking for the Christmas parade I was going to, and as soon as I said "excuse me" (I'm not even kidding, that's all I said and I swear to Jesus, he asked me the question before I had time to finish saying "me"), he asked me if I'm from Germany. I said no, I'm from Sweden, and how did you know? And he said "I could tell by your accident. Now, I'm not saying that you have a strong accent, but you have a slight accent, yeah." And after that he said that, he went completely crazy, going "Oh really, you're from Sweden?" at least four times and highfived me twice because of that. Then I asked for the way to the parade, thought he'd know because he was handing out flyers with information about the parade. He said that he's an employee so he had a map in his pocket so that he would be able to tell people if they asked him, so he showed me on the map, and said that if I walk along Georgia Street for about seven blocks, and then make a right at Howe Street, and then walk until I get to the Howe/Davie intersection, I'll be right where the parade is. So I walked along Georgia. And walked. And walked. And walked. Eventually, I asked another person, and he said that it was way up right next to the Bay (which is where I asked the dude). So I started walking all the way back. Turns out Howe street was like three meters away from where I asked the dude for the way to it. I cursed him for fooling me and cursed the parade for by then having ended, so I looked for the nearest Subway and ate.

Tomorrow's choir performance in Lougheed Mall all day, and after school performance for the teachers. So no Spanish for me, wohoooo! Now I'm just gonna watch 50 first dates and then go to sleep. Goodnight!

Old picture taking in Hemlock up in the mountains

Postat av: Anonym

Jag har aldrig hört talas om någon som missar så mycket som du gör! Du kanske kan vara med i Guiness?

2010-12-07 @ 08:21:06

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