Hejsaaaan! I can't really believe it either, but after I post this, I'm actually going to bed! I'm not gonna turn the light out, I'm gonna write in my diary and read a bunch in my book (still working on The Other Boleyn Girl) and the historybook. But still! It's bloody amazing.

Spent drama class in a filming booth with Courtney, Nicole, Sienna, Ben, Peter and Angie today, going through three stages. First stage; discovering how much more like a guy Justin Bieber sounds in his new song. Second stage; get paralyzed with amazement over the fact that he transformed from a six yearold girl to the 17-yearold guy he is in like a day. Third stage; tell the whole school.

Had a Spanish test as well today that did not go so well. Got I think 34/44. Oh well. Can't expect me to get great results two days in a row.

By the way. I just have to say this. Mr. Kent's teaching philosophy is completely mental. There was one thing on the test that I got wrong; I was supposed to write the verb in the present progressive, but apparently, I put it in the past progressive. What did I learn from it? Well, he did tell me how to conjugate a verb into the present progressive - but it's not like I remember it now. And it's not like no matter how many times I go over it, I'm never going to learn what reflexive pronouns, present progressive, possessive pronouns, reflexive pronouns in the past progressive is. And why do students take this course? Well, mostly because we have to, but what's the original idea? To learn Spanish. And what kind of Spanish am I learning when all we do in class is listening to mr. Kent only mentioning the terms, but never actually telling us how to conjugate them? And when to use them? This is a typical mr. Kent conversation;

- Keziah, translate that sentence for us.
Keziah tries and fails.
- No, not in the past progressive, you have to conjugate it into reflexive pronouns in the present progressive. Try again.
And then he keeps staring at Keziah, expecting the answer to magically pop into her head. And he stares at her until he finally says;
- Someone hasn't been brushing up on their conjugations.
When really, it's impossible to brush up on something we haven't covered yet. Dear jesus. And don't say "well, why don't you just tell him to go over things a bit more carefully". Believe me, ever since he came to this school God knows how many years ago, people have been trying to make him understand that it doesn't matter if you know what reflexive pronouns are, if you know how to use the verb. He asked me when someone asked him what past progressive is, "Rebecka, you should know, since you learned English". When I said no, he was all "well, oaföpsd..." mumbling all those weird things in Spanish that he does whenever he's proven wrong. Because how is it that I can speak English so fluently, without knowing when to conjugate a verb into past progressive?! Impossible!!!!! How is it that I can speak English, without thinking at every verb, "okay, so here I need to conjugate it into the past progressive". How is it that since third grade when I started learning English at school, I have never thought "okay, so here I need to conjugate it into the past progressive". I have never had to use no kind of verb-stem-changing-conjugation or whatever, maybe I'm magical, somehow I doubt it. Maybe it's just that once you get a hang of it, it'll come automatically. And "learning" it this way, we're never going to get a hang of it. I intend to learn how to speak Spanish fairly fluently enough, and so I'm going to have to learn it by myself because I sure won't learn it here. I'm in bloody grade twelve and I still don't know what nouns are! I can't even give you a definition of substantives. I'm a bad case, I know, but I have never needed it. I've studied Spanish for five and a half year now, and up until this point, I've never needed to know what a substantive is. This semester worth of learning Spanish, is about a week worth of learning with my previous teachers. That's how good a teacher mr. Kent is, and he is seriously getting on my last nerve. I wouldn't care if he was just telling us to learn this stuff, but being in that classroom is scary. I'm not even joking, or exaggerating at all. Being in that classroom, getting questioned and judged and even if you get the answer right, he pretends he didn't hear what you said and pretends that you said something completely different and starts yelling at you for saying the wrong thing, it's just nerve-wrecking. Because no matter if you say the right or wrong answer, he's going to get up and have a speech about you not being a reasonable person. Especially for me, because I have more school work to do than the other students because I have the history stuff to do for my Swedish school, so I don't have time to do what mr. Kent expects of me and study Spanish every day. Last week we had to do three exercises in the book for homework, and I did two out of them because I simply did not have time with having homework in every single one of the other three subjects, plus the Swedish school. And so he said that I'm being an unreasonable person, and that my number one priority is being a student. Don't you think that I just wanted to flick my wand and say "accio pie" and throw the pie in his face and say to him that my number one priority is the Swedish school, not this school because I don't get any credit for it, my grades are not for real, and the very least priority in this school is this class. At the beginning of the year I told him that my grades aren't for real and that if I ever don't have my homework done or whatever, it is not because I simply didn't want to do it which is what he's accusing me for, but because I had other stuff that are in priority. But he got it all wrong and eventually, it came down to him saying that he's glad that I have finally understood that I'm a student just like everyone else. But the thing is that I need him to understand that I can't study Spanish every day, because as it is now, he is going to have a talk with me every day because I don't study Spanish every day. And believe me, it is not pleasant and I swear to God, eventually I'm gonna start crying right in front of him! My friend Hailey is freaking out too because she has a speech problem, she can't pronounce u's, not in English, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic or whatever the heck the language might be. But he says everytime that he hears that she says the u's wrong, that she needs to learn how to pronounciate because otherwise she's going to fail, even though it's nothing she can controll.

Okay. Now I freaked out for a second, I'm done ventilating. Going to bed to read, goodnighty mates!


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