Sweet perfume and columbine

I DID IT!!!!! I managed to hand the law assignment in on time! I was so stressed out, really didn't think I had enough time. I even did one thing wrong that I didn't notice until right after I finished it, I was supposed to write three character analysises, and one of them was on the wrong person. But I added the right person during lunch break, so it's all good. Hopefully I'll get some bonusmarks for doing four instead of three analysises..

Vocal tech was so much fun today. We didn't do anything (not saying that singing isn't fun because it is, this day was just unusual but not better than the singing days!), we got to choose between practising in the recording studios or watching rock school have their jam, so me and Lillian chose to sit on the floor talking/sleeping. It was very good. Spanish was the same as always. Law as well, though handing that assignment in on time gave me such a rush and all I want to do right now is study, so I'm seizing the moment now because tomorrow that urge will be gone. In drama, me and Hannah were the only ones from our group there so we couldn't really work on our Medieval European Theatre project, so we were comparing how alike German and Swedish are (she's German). Found out that there's apparently a language in Sweden called Meänkieli (tornedalsfinska apparently).

Was supposed to go to the Scandinavian Centre after school, but I went to the mall to hang out with Candace after school for just a while, and thought that I'll come there in time for the adult class. And then Candace asked me if I wanted to go and hang out at her place, and how could I resist? We played something that me and my friend Molle always played in like 4th/5th grade on her PlayStation called EyeToy. It gave me such flashbacks and was so much fun! We also played this hilarious, really trippy Shrek-game on her PlayStation. It was so much fun. You were four different characters from Shrek, and you walked around killing knights, frogs and spiders. Oh, and giant tin men in gold.

Anyways, have to go to sleep now. Tomorrow's just a normal school day + dance & choir. Ballroom in danceclass, help! Goodnight!

Picture my friend Oda took of me (left) and my friend Felizia last winter


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