Romeo & Juliet

Today was an interesting day! Started out completely normal, had vocal tech in which I performed my last song in vocal tech *cry*. I did the official Saint Lucia song (natten går tunga fjät blabla), partly because yesterday was Lucia, but mostly because I thought I was performing tomorrow, so I just basically picked the first song I thought of that I knew well. Come to think of it, I am performing once more, but only in front of ms S because it was one time that I missed because of field trip. I'm either going to do Taylor Swift's Love Story or Agnetha Fältskog's If I thought you'd ever change your mind. Probably the latter. I performed Greensleeves to her and anyone who was in the room yesterday and she said that I have improved so much since when the course started. I sang it in my headvoice (which is more known as falsetto even thought that does not really exist for girls), and even though I think I sound horrible that way, I must admit I have a pretty good projection doing that. The only problem is that I don't really have good projection, 'cause I tried recording myself (using Audacity which I have on my computer), and it just sounds like I'm whispering even if in my head, it sounds loud and clear. Another problem with my headvoice is my air controlling, I can barely do one sentence without having to gasp for air. It's weird because I'm actually rather good at controlling my air using my chestvoice (the voice we talk in), but I'm completely screwed when it's time for the headvoice. But she said I've improved so much so that was nice. Today I performed Saint Lucia in front of the class, and people actually recognized it! Alisha said it first, then Simona said that she recognized it too, and then Zorah, and then Jennifer as well! Even thought it's in Swedish! So weird.

So the interesting part of the day is when we have law class and we're in the library working on our capital punishment-essay. About fifteen minutes before the block ends, the librarian says to everyone in the library that they have locked the doors to the library, because there is something going on in the hallways. I immediately assumed that a Columbine kind of thing is going down. She didn't know what was going on, and that we're not allowed to go anywhere out of the library until they tell us to. After about ten minutes, the principal announces that the school is being evacuated because about an hour earlier, the school had received a telephone call with a bomb threat. So everyone walks out and gathers by the tennis court. It is freezing outside (it's December, d'uh), it's soaking rain and we're not allowed to go to our lockers so I'm wearing nothing but a t-shirt. So effing awesome. We stand out there in the rain and sleet for about forty minutes (mr Krahn made me a jacket out of a garbage bag near the end, it actually helped a little bit), until we're allowed back in. We're still not allowed to go to our lockers, they tell us to go straight to our previous class, so me and my class gather in the law classroom. When everybody's inside, the principal announces again that they'd received a bomb threat, by a phone call made from the pay phone on the second floor, which means it was a student who made the call. Ten minutes later, we're allowed to go to our next class, which was caroling with the vocal tech and guitar students. Quite exciting, could've skipped the whole stand-out-in-the-freezing-cold-rainy-weather-wearing-nothing-but-a-t-shirt-and-eventually-a-garbage-bag-thing though. During the whole thing, I wasn't too scared by it. Not at all, actually. I just thought it was exciting, because I felt that it wasn't unreal, after what happened in my school when I was in grade six when the teachers told us, the students, that a bomb had exploded in Stockholm and that we weren't allowed to go outside because of radioactive stuff. Now that I read a lot of stuff about the Columbine massacre, if that would happen tomorrow again, I'd be scared shitless.

So tomorrow I have choir and dance, at 5.30 me and a couple of people are meeting at Cassy and Catey's house, it's a study group. The purpose is to eat pizza and study biology, so only people who are in bio could come, but I'm allowed even though I'm not, hihi. I am going to sleep now, bye bye!

Yet another pic from the set of the zombie-movie. I look quite retarded next to Taylor and Jaylem.

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Du blev ju inte så rädd under radioaktiva-bomben-bluffen heller.

Vem är läraren?

2010-12-15 @ 20:02:38

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