A Tradition of Excellence

Picture bomb from the last school in PMSS! :'(  <--- biggest sadface ever

When I came to the school one hour before first class started the orchestra were having a Christmas concert in the caf. Yes, I was sitting close to them.

Joy, me & Samantha

Farishteh & the chocolate I got from her :)

Me & mrs Sluyter, my vocal tech teacher :)

A real sharp picture of me and Alex :)

Part of the caf. That guy in the middle is in my Spanish, his name is Jacob. I once did an oral presentation with him.

Lunch time, this is actually in the middle of an orange food fight (the orange was mine, R.I.P.)

Orange splatter on the window of the prize-shelf.

My Canadian family! Ryan, Meagan, Ariana, Lisa, me, Jenny & Maddie (Amanda, Jesse, Sheldon & Tyler should be in there too)

Me & Beatrice in law class

Me & mr Krahn, my law teacher! :)

PMS: A Tradition of Excellence

Yes, I took pictures with mr Kent! Rebecka the Brave is my new name.

Very beautiful.

Me & the cool eleventh grader Andrei

Simon & me


Colin, me, Cynthia and my blue cupcake that Taylor gave me. That was before Colin smashed it when hugging me.

This is after Colin smashed my cupcake when hugging me.

Me & Sheldon (who has the most hilarious dad ever)

Courtney Whitehead!

Mana Sato!

Ms Yorston, my dance teacher :)

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