Make way for the heir of Slytherin, seriously evil wizard coming through

Wow, this has been a really weird day! If you'd put all the waiting for the bus-times together they would probably make up a good three hours. It was freezing outside today, I went to the Scandinavian Centre but didn't get there until about an hour before it closed because the buses were so slow. After that I went to Metrotown to buy some shower soap and tooth paste and stuff like that. Left for home at around five, got home at eight. So awesome.

I wish I had a British accent rather than this boring Canadian one I've got now that everyone speaks. I got one now that I've been spending the last hour watching interviews with the Harry Potter cast, I take on accents when I speak English rather easily, I think that's why I had a more American accent than most Swedes even before I came here, even though my Swedish accent was definitely stronger than it is now, it wasn't as strong as most people. I suck at mimicking accents in Swedish though, probably because I'm more used to the Stockholm accent than I am to speaking English in general. The British one I've got right now will be gone by tomorrow morning though, and I will have gone back to the old boring Canadian one. Yes, there's a difference between Canadian and American. There is a difference in the speaking in general that I can't tell, but Canadians say certain words differently, like they say again like agäjn rather than the American agänn. And about like aboot rather than the American abaut. Not quite there yet.

In case you were wondering.

Bedtime now and up in a few hours for choir practice! Goodnight!

Ginny Weasley


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