Katleigh & Bree

So here's the new script I got that me and my friend Nicole are doing.. I'm Katleigh and she's Bree.

From the Matchmakers

(BREE, 18, and KATLEIGH, 16, are at the mall.)

KATLEIGH: Your parents are getting divorced?!

BREE: Yep.

KATLEIGH: Are you serious?

BREE: Apparently the marriage counselor convinced them.

KATLEIGH: Oh my God!

BREE: I know. My parents can't get divorced, it's not -

KATLEIGH (cutting her off): This is horrifying. This could happen to anyone. What if it happened to me and Chase?

BREE: You're not married. You can't get divorced.

KATLEIGH: Check it out! (She shows her ring finger.) I'm getting married! Woo!

BREE: That's a class ring.

KATLEIGH: We're using it as an engagement rint until he can save up enough money to buy one. I'm getting married!

BREE: You're sixteen.

KATLEIGH: I know! How awesome is this?!

BREE: You can't get married at sixteen.

KATLEIGH: My mom totally approves. But here's the best part: I want you to be my maid of honour.

BREE: Really?

KATLEIGH: Please? It would mean so much to me.

BREE: This seems a little rushed, Katleigh.

KATLEIGH: When you know, you know. He's the one. It's just like that Taylor Swift song. Love story. It came true.

BREE: Okay.

KATLEIGH: What's your deal?

BREE: I'm just not all that keen on love right now. I mean, my parents have been together for twenty-three years and all of a sudden -

KATLEIGH: That's because they weren't soul mates like me and Chase. We know about love.

BREE: I'm sure you do.

KATLEIGH: You know what you need, Bree? A new boyfriend.

BREE: I just dumped my old boyfriend!

KATLEIGH: And now you're single. Which is another word for desperate.

BREE: You can be single and not desperate.

KATLEIGH: Please. I think I know a little bit more about this than you do. I haven't been single for more than two days since the fourth grade. And believe me, fourth grade was a pretty dark time in my life.

BREE: I'm fine with being single.

KATLEIGH: Oh, Bree. You make me smile sometimes. We'll get you through this together. The first question you need to ask yourself is: what is wrong with me that I cannot accept love?

BREE: What?

KATLEIGH: You had a perfectly good guy -

BREE: He took me to Wendy's for homecoming.


BREE: So that's ridiculous.

KATLEIGH: Maybe the fault was with you, huh? Maybe the Wendy's... is inside you.

BREE: That doesn't make any sense at all.

KATLEIGH: Whenever I have a problem with Chase or he does something I don't like, I take a step back and think, how did I cause Chase to behave like that? Men are like dogs, Bree. You have to train them. And if they misbehave, then you've failed in your training. They can't help it. You didn't give Devin the right road map for homecoming, so he disappointed you.

BREE: You're a little bit insane, you know that?

KATLEIGH: But I'm happy, and isn't that what matters? Let's go get a smoothie.

BREE: I can't, I gotta go help my dad move out.

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Ja det är det.

Vad önskar du dig i julklapp då? =)

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