Hejdå, Beckie's garage

Hej! Såg att statistiken fortfarande ligger ganska högt. Tänkte bara nämna lite granna att jag har startat en ny blogg. Jag ville lämna den här som min Canada-blogg och börja skriva om andra saker i min nya blogg. Så välkomna till Bettans Betraktelser!

Vacker, fridfull bild på mig och Ariana


Hejsan svejsan! Här har det varit något dött. Nu är det helt plötsligt år 2011 och jag är sjutton år. Kom hem från Canada den 22 december, sov hemma en natt och åkte dagen därpå till underbara Thailand :D  Det var så himla gött! 30 grader varje dag, inga turister förutom oss (vilket resulterar i väldigt intresserade thailändare), himmelsk mat, sol som skiner, i princip egen strand och egen pool!

Vi bodde i Ban Phe, en liten fiskeby två timmar med bil utanför Bangkok. Vi bodde i ett litet område med bommar utanför som vakterna vaktade dygnet runt. Vi körde omkring på en liten moppe med ett flak på vänstra sidan med två bänkar, och ett tak över. Låter halvt efterblivet, men såna körde faktiskt alla thailändare runt i också. Jag och Helene matade tigerbebisar, vi gick på tigershow, delfinshow, jag och Johnny satt på krokodiler, vi red på elefant, matade elefanter, dök bland korallrev, och så sjukt mycket mer. Jag berättar alltihop efter som!

Jag, Johnny & Helene matar en elefant


Yes, I am back in Schaaaweeedennn! Feels good, feels even better that I'm going to Thailand in about eight hours! It's now 7.30 in the morning, been up for about two and a half hour, jetlag's always nice. At least I had my Christmas food last night! Not missing out on that. Wish I could have Swedish pizza today, craving for that like crazy..

I miss my friends in Canada and speaking English. Wish I had someone here I could only speak English to all the time. Feels incredibly strange to speak Swedish with everyone, I'm always thinking that I'm the only one that knows Swedish around, but not anymore! Which sucks, 'cause I liked being exotic.

Not the crazy Swede who puts fisheggs on her sandwich anymore..

How the kingdom lights shined just for me and you

I finally figured out how to post my own videos on here! Here's me, Alex & Patrick waiting for the bus in Newport.

A Tradition of Excellence

Picture bomb from the last school in PMSS! :'(  <--- biggest sadface ever

When I came to the school one hour before first class started the orchestra were having a Christmas concert in the caf. Yes, I was sitting close to them.

Joy, me & Samantha

Farishteh & the chocolate I got from her :)

Me & mrs Sluyter, my vocal tech teacher :)

A real sharp picture of me and Alex :)

Part of the caf. That guy in the middle is in my Spanish, his name is Jacob. I once did an oral presentation with him.

Lunch time, this is actually in the middle of an orange food fight (the orange was mine, R.I.P.)

Orange splatter on the window of the prize-shelf.

My Canadian family! Ryan, Meagan, Ariana, Lisa, me, Jenny & Maddie (Amanda, Jesse, Sheldon & Tyler should be in there too)

Me & Beatrice in law class

Me & mr Krahn, my law teacher! :)

PMS: A Tradition of Excellence

Yes, I took pictures with mr Kent! Rebecka the Brave is my new name.

Very beautiful.

Me & the cool eleventh grader Andrei

Simon & me


Colin, me, Cynthia and my blue cupcake that Taylor gave me. That was before Colin smashed it when hugging me.

This is after Colin smashed my cupcake when hugging me.

Me & Sheldon (who has the most hilarious dad ever)

Courtney Whitehead!

Mana Sato!

Ms Yorston, my dance teacher :)

Long live the walls we crashed through

I can't believe it's my last day in Port Moody Secondary tomorrow! It's so depressing how I'm not coming back after the winter break :(   I will miss this school so much! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I will even miss mr Kent's classes! At least it's not the last day with my friends. Going to see Amanda, Jesse & Ben in the Nutcracker on Sunday, tomorrow after school I don't know what to do yet but there's always something. Saturday I don't remember if I planned anything. Monday I might be going to Stanley Park, I will if I'm going home on Tuesday. If I'm going home on Wednesday, I'm most likely going to Stanley Park on Tuesday. So you know, in case you wondered. I am now going to bed to brace myself for my last day in my wonderful PMS!

Picture of people on Senior Sail. I'm not in the picture, I was on the dancefloor when it was taken.

Port Moody Secondary School in my heart foreva ♥

The thought of not coming back to PMS after the break is just heartbreaking! Why do I have to leave my friends :(  I wanna bring them all home soooo bad! They're all so great.

So drama was pretty interesting today! Last time I saw mr Watts was apparently yesterday, thought he was gonna be here today and tomorrow but apparently not, pretty sad :(  He's my favourite teacher! But yeah. Me, Hannah & Angie performed out medieval European theatre play for the class and the sub today. Peter was supposed to be in the group as well but he ditched us last night so we had this lunch break to re-write the whole thing for three people instead, which kind of made it suck that way but it turned out fine I think :)  I got beheaded twice. The first thing we did was that Hannah talked a bit about medieval theatre, then I told the class about Elizabethan theatre (even though that's more Renaissance, but it's hard since the line between the middle age and the Renaissance is so blurry), and then Angie said a few things as well. Then Hannah put on a medieval song (we played Greensleeves after my advice, we needed something medieval) and me and Angie dropped in a curtsy and danced that kind of dancing when you put your hands together and then pretty much skip around in a circle, which was the first M of medieval theatre; mummings. Yeah. Next thing me and Angie were swordfighting, and I killed her. Then she lived again. And then I was talking about the second M of medieval theatre; mystery plays. In that one we did a tableux of Noah's Arc (a tableux is when you turn the ligths off, get into a position, lights go on, lights go off, you get into another position and so on, so it's like pictures). Hannah was God telling Angie to build a boat in the first picture. Next picture was Angie building the boat. Third picture was Angie looking at the boat. Fourth picture was me (playing a cow) and Angie bordering the boat. The fifth picture was Hannah congratulating Angie on the boat. The sixth picture was me, Hannah (both cows) and Angie on the boat. Very rich. Not. Anyways. The next M was miracle plays, in which I was God telling Hannah (a preacher) to spread the word that all human beings must do as I say, for otherwise they will end up in hell. Then Hannah told the unbeliever, Angie, who became a believer. The fourth M, morality, was me stealing an old man's (Angie) stick. Therefore, I was beheaded by Hannah, the executioner. The old man then died of old age. This was to show that death is the great equalizer and that we die as we deserve. The final M, manners, I presented and it was me begging Angie (the nobility) for money and food, and therefore being beheaded by the executioner Hannah. And that was the end of our, hrrm, amazing presentation. I wish we would've had better costumes. I tried my best to find anything medieval-looking that I had, so I put on my big cross-necklace and the two necklaces that I always wear that do look medieval, and my bronze bracelets. I wore my socks that I bought at the Scandinavian Market as well because they do look very medieval, being shaped like Robin Hood's shoes and the colours being grey and red.

During the lunch break me and Hannah drove her car to Subway and had it in the drama room. I sang Agnetha Fältskog's If I thought you'd ever change your mind in vocal tech, which was apparently a success. Mrs Sluyter and my friend Edward said that I've improved a lot, that was so good to hear! I saw my evaluation paper that mrs Sluyter wrote, it's like she rates different parts of our performance, such as rhythm, pitch, projection etc. from poor to excellent. They were all very close to excellent, which is definitely better than my first performance in which they were all more to the middle! :DDDDDDD

Me and Farishteh doing the two varieties of the Asian pose

Farishteh & me  ♥

Me & Jesse :)

Me & Christian :)  It's awesome how I look exactly the same in both the picture of me & Jesse and me & Christian.


Mamma; Ja, det misstänker jag också. Ken satt kvar i bilen. Nej, men det var för att den där radioaktiva bomben var så tänkte jag att den här är det säkert också lärarna som fejkar. Men det var det inte. Läraren på zombiebilden? Jag vet inte, jag har inte han i nåt ämne. Tror han är mattelärare eller nåt.

No one even mentioned the bomb threat at school today. If this were Sweden, it'd be the biggest topic of the year. But apparently, this happens at least once a year in this school. It happened twice last year, one of them at the exact same day (December 13th) as this one. The reason to all bomb threats that have been in this school, is that some student has a test he or she doesn't want to take. So they call the school with a bomb threat. Idiots. As far as I know, they don't know which student did it yet, but last year they found out by asking every teacher who wasn't in their class at the time (12:25) and from the fingerprints on the pay phone.

Today it is a week left of Canada. I so wish I could bring my school home with me! That'd be perfect.

My friend Joy wrote on my facebook today that she loves my singing! Hihihihihi. Joy's an amazing singer, she's definitely the best girl singer in the class (best boy singer is Scott, but he doesn't really count because he has been taking opera classes for four years, which is a bit unfair I must say).

Christmas countdown: 9 days!

Thailand countdown: 8 days!

Lillian & me in the vocal tech room

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess

I'm getting more and more scared of that bomb threat the more I think of it! Have to stop. Pictures from Darlene's brother's house and the house a few blocks away from his;

The house a few blocks away, Darlene & me

The house a few blocks away

Darlene's brother's house

Darlene's brother's house

Darlene's brother's house

Darlene's brother's house

Darlene's brother's house

Darlene's brother's house

Darlene's brother's house

Darlene's brother's house

Darlene's brother's house

The house a few blocks away

The balcony of the house a few blocks away

The house a few blocks away

These aren't all pictures she took, gonna ask for the rest

Romeo & Juliet

Today was an interesting day! Started out completely normal, had vocal tech in which I performed my last song in vocal tech *cry*. I did the official Saint Lucia song (natten går tunga fjät blabla), partly because yesterday was Lucia, but mostly because I thought I was performing tomorrow, so I just basically picked the first song I thought of that I knew well. Come to think of it, I am performing once more, but only in front of ms S because it was one time that I missed because of field trip. I'm either going to do Taylor Swift's Love Story or Agnetha Fältskog's If I thought you'd ever change your mind. Probably the latter. I performed Greensleeves to her and anyone who was in the room yesterday and she said that I have improved so much since when the course started. I sang it in my headvoice (which is more known as falsetto even thought that does not really exist for girls), and even though I think I sound horrible that way, I must admit I have a pretty good projection doing that. The only problem is that I don't really have good projection, 'cause I tried recording myself (using Audacity which I have on my computer), and it just sounds like I'm whispering even if in my head, it sounds loud and clear. Another problem with my headvoice is my air controlling, I can barely do one sentence without having to gasp for air. It's weird because I'm actually rather good at controlling my air using my chestvoice (the voice we talk in), but I'm completely screwed when it's time for the headvoice. But she said I've improved so much so that was nice. Today I performed Saint Lucia in front of the class, and people actually recognized it! Alisha said it first, then Simona said that she recognized it too, and then Zorah, and then Jennifer as well! Even thought it's in Swedish! So weird.

So the interesting part of the day is when we have law class and we're in the library working on our capital punishment-essay. About fifteen minutes before the block ends, the librarian says to everyone in the library that they have locked the doors to the library, because there is something going on in the hallways. I immediately assumed that a Columbine kind of thing is going down. She didn't know what was going on, and that we're not allowed to go anywhere out of the library until they tell us to. After about ten minutes, the principal announces that the school is being evacuated because about an hour earlier, the school had received a telephone call with a bomb threat. So everyone walks out and gathers by the tennis court. It is freezing outside (it's December, d'uh), it's soaking rain and we're not allowed to go to our lockers so I'm wearing nothing but a t-shirt. So effing awesome. We stand out there in the rain and sleet for about forty minutes (mr Krahn made me a jacket out of a garbage bag near the end, it actually helped a little bit), until we're allowed back in. We're still not allowed to go to our lockers, they tell us to go straight to our previous class, so me and my class gather in the law classroom. When everybody's inside, the principal announces again that they'd received a bomb threat, by a phone call made from the pay phone on the second floor, which means it was a student who made the call. Ten minutes later, we're allowed to go to our next class, which was caroling with the vocal tech and guitar students. Quite exciting, could've skipped the whole stand-out-in-the-freezing-cold-rainy-weather-wearing-nothing-but-a-t-shirt-and-eventually-a-garbage-bag-thing though. During the whole thing, I wasn't too scared by it. Not at all, actually. I just thought it was exciting, because I felt that it wasn't unreal, after what happened in my school when I was in grade six when the teachers told us, the students, that a bomb had exploded in Stockholm and that we weren't allowed to go outside because of radioactive stuff. Now that I read a lot of stuff about the Columbine massacre, if that would happen tomorrow again, I'd be scared shitless.

So tomorrow I have choir and dance, at 5.30 me and a couple of people are meeting at Cassy and Catey's house, it's a study group. The purpose is to eat pizza and study biology, so only people who are in bio could come, but I'm allowed even though I'm not, hihi. I am going to sleep now, bye bye!

Yet another pic from the set of the zombie-movie. I look quite retarded next to Taylor and Jaylem.

Monday 13th of December 2010

Hola! Pretty much just got home from Darlene's brother's house, where we went to celebrate her dad's birthday. We had cake and stuff. The most awesome thing about that, was her brother's house. It was sooo cool! Not the house itself, couldn't see the actual house behind all those Christmas decorations! Woooow!! I have never seen anything like it. The Griswold's are nowhere near. Darlene took a lot of pictures of me in front of it for me, gonna upload them here so you can see. His house is actually famous here for its decorations, the tour buses that go here pass his house so the tourists can take pictures. While we were there, people were constantly knocking on the door saying that they really love the decorations. On the way home we stopped in front of another house that was even crazier, and we took a bunch of pictures there too.

I told you I forgot to buy the Lucia-glitter for my hair yesterday, and that I'd do it tomorrow instead. Well, that ain't happening either, because I didn't have time to go look for any in the stores, only looked in the three stores in Newport and when I asked for it, no one knew what I was talking about. Ken and Darlene didn't either, Mike kind of knew. He described it to Ken and Darlene as "a rope with sparkly stuff on it". Gonna go to IKEA tomorrow after school to get some, I know they have it there.

Went to Candace's place after school and watched Eclipse (Twilight) with her and Gaby. Cool thing; it was filmed where I live right, so we actually recognized places! Like for instance, the police station where Bella's dad works. It's like a two minute walk from my school! Had to go in the middle of it though to get home in time to go to Darlene's brother's. But it was fun. I'm gonna take care of my laundry and take a shower, and then go to bed a read, goodnighty!

The world's biggest rocking horse in Metrotown. You can actually sit in it while it's rocking!!

Sankta Lucia

Om exakt tjugosju minuter är det Lucia! Woop woop! NEJ! GLÖMDE! Skulle ju åka och köpa glitter till håret idag! Aja, får ha Lucia på tisdag istället. Har suttit inne och fixat med grejer hela dagen, skulle ha åkt till Candace på kvällen och kollat på Twilight med henne och Gaby, men Gaby kunde inte så vi ska ta det imorgon efter skolan istället.

Luciatåget igår gick finfint, det var två stycken, det första började halv två och slutade typ tjugo i två. Sjukt kort. Nästa började egentligen klockan halv åtta, men vi skulle vara där vid fem bara för säkerhets skull typ. Det var meningen att börja vid sex. Åkte till Metrotown mellan de två tågen och dödade tid. Efter det första tåget så höll en av cheferna på Scandinavian Centre tal inför publiken (det kom faktiskt jättemycket folk, hur kan det finnas så många svennar här?), och då tog hon upp mig på scen mitt i talet och tackade mig för att jag har hjälpt till med lektionerna under tiden som jag har varit här, och så fick jag ett julkort som spelar när man öppnar det, 50 dollar och ett halsband!

Nu ska jag borsta tänderna, ta på mig pyjamasen, städa bort halva resväskan som ligger på sängen osv. Goder afton!

Hahahahahaha, den här bilden är så rolig! Ser båda ut som att vi ska kissa på oss. Jag och min halvsvenne/halvkanadick-kompis Katrina.

B for Boleyn & Bohlin

Jag kan inte vänta på medeltidsveckan på Gotland! Vi måste åka dit i sommar, mamma!! Då ska jag se ut såhär;

With her French hood and the pearl choker with the B for Boleyn

Thou wilt vouchsafe to love me

Weeey, I finished The Other Boleyn Girl today! That was like.. the second best book I've ever read (after Harry Potter, the constant winner). Seriously, Anne Boleyn is like my new idol. She was so witty and so beautiful and so persuasive and all that. The best thing about her is that even though she was only one of King Henry's six wives, one of the two who were beheaded, and even though she was hated by the people of England and in the end, hated by the King; she's still the first one people think of when they think of King Henry. It's never King Henry without Anne Boleyn. But there is at the same time Anne Boleyn without King Henry, which says quite a lot. Queen Katherine, who was set aside so that Henry could marry Anne, was the most loved one of the six queens by the people. Anne's successor, Jane Seymour, was the most loved one by Henry. But still, you can't really hear the name "King Henry" without automatically thinking of Anne. And who knows who Jane Seymour is? Catherine Howard? Catherine Parr? Anyone? They're all wives of Henry and queens of England, but Anne is the Wife and the Queen. It seems like Henry failed in his attempt to cut Anne out of his life by annulling their marriage and beheading her, because you never think the two of them apart, history didn't allow it.

I think that the reason why Anne is so very famous when really, she's only one of six, is (other than the fact that she's the mother of Queen Elizabeth I) that she was so very witty. She was the one of made the annullment of Henry's marriage to Queen Katherine of Aragon be possible, she was the one who made Henry the head of the churches of England instead of the pope. By doing so, she was sort of digging her own grave in a way. By giving Henry the head of the churches, she gave him endless power to anything he wanted. When he set Queen Katherine aside, he realized how very strong his power really was, and so he could do it again and again and again. One of the reasons he set Queen Katherine aside was because she didn't have a son. He thought there was something wrong with her, and the only wrong thing there could be was that the marriage wasn't legal. He married Anne instead, who he adored and he was certain that she should have a son. She then had Elizabeth, and then two or three miscarriages. He then thought that the only reason there could possibly be was that she had used witchcraft to enchant Henry, and that was why he married her. Now he had a reason to set Anne aside as well, and she was charged with adultery and incest (with her brother George). George was beheaded along with Sir Francis Weston, Sir Henry Norris, Sir William Brereton and Mark Smeaton for adultery and incest, and Anne was beheaded two days later, on the 19th of May 1536. On the same as that of Anne's execution, Jane Seymour picked out her wedding gown for her marriage to King Henry.

Remember the song I put on here, the Christmas song that everyone knows here in Canada but I'd never heard before, called Greensleeves? It was written by King Henry to Anne. Quite fascinating. The lyrics are:

Alas, my love, you do me wrong to cast me off discourteously
For I have loved you well and long, delighting in your company
Greensleeves was all my joy and greensleeves was my delight
Greensleeves, my heart of gold, and who but my lady greensleeves
Alas, my love, that you should own a heart of wanton vanity
So must I meditate alone upon your insincerity
Your vows you've broken, like my heart, oh, why did you so enrapture me?
Now I remain in a world apart, but my heart remains in capitivity
If you intend thus to disdain, it does the more enrapture me
And even so, I still remain a lover in captivity.
I have been ready at your hand to grant whatever you would crave
I have both wagered life and land, your love and good-will for to have
Thou couldst desire no earthly thing, but still thou hadst it readily
Thy music still to play and sing and yet though wouldst not love me
I bought thee kerchiefs for thy head, that were wrought fine and gallantly
I kept thee at both board and bed, which cost my purse well-favoredly
I bought thee petticoats of the best, the cloth so fine as it might be
I gave thee jewels for thy chest, and all this cost I spent on thee
Thy smock of sil, both fair and white with gold emroidered gorgeously
Thy petticoat of sendal right, and these I bought thee gladly
My men were clothed all in green, and they did ever wait on thee
All this was gallant to be seen, and yet thou wouldst not love me
They set thee up, they thee down, they served thee with humility
Thy foot might not once touch the ground, and yet thou wouldst not love me
'Tis, I will pray to God on high, that thou my constancy mayst see
And that yet once before I die, thou wilt vouchsafe to love me
Greensleeves, now farewell, adieu, to God I pray to prosper thee
For I am still thy lover true, come once again and love me
Greensleeves was all my joy
Greensleeves was my delight
Greensleeves, my heart of gold
And who but my lady greensleeves

We'll have lots of fun with mister Snowman until the other kiddies knock him down

Buenas noches! Had a fun day at the church (youth group) with Lisa, Jenny and a bunch of other people. There was a competition, we paired up two and two, I was with Lisa, and they tied Lisa's right arm together with my left arm. And then we were to build a gingerbreadhouse, using our free hands only. The gingerbreadhouse wasn't a gingerbreadhouse however - it was a Waferhouse (rån)! Lisa used up a whole bag of icing on that extremely small house, and I put a whole bag full of candy wherever there was a small space missing. It was not very beautiful, but we were lucky because we realized when we were done, that the way that I had poured the small candies on top of the "roof", it had formed itself into an actually roof-looking roof! So we won! Hahahaha. We got to choose our own prize, either a bag of candy each or a bubble wand each! Not just any bubble wand though - the ones that make supergigantic bubbles! I've wanted to do that my whole life, and now I finally did! It was real fun. Me Lisa, Jenny and Alissa went outside after the youth group and blew bubbles all over the place.

Anyways, tomorrow's the Luciatrain at the Scandinavian Centre, I have to be there at eleven so have to get up at eight. I only have one thing to say about that.. goodnight!

Pictures from tonight's youth group

Jenny & Lisa

Jenny & Lisa again

Me, Lisa and our beautiful Wafer house "The Clump"! Everyone was supposed to name their house, so we named our winning masterpiece The Clump.

Lisa punching the piñata with Maddie's dad holding on to it wearing a wonderful table cloth around his head!

Jenny punching the piñata! Unfortunately, it broke before I had a go :(

Jenny outside blowing bubbles!


Captain Beckie Sparrow with her bubble wand!

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